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Bridging The Leadership Gap For Women

Updated: Apr 25

Comparatively speaking, only a few women sit at the big tables where decisions are made, even though women make up half of the sky. Why care? Because when women are in charge, they mix things up and get things moving in new ways. Today, we're talking about why so few women make it to the top and what we can do to change that.

Understanding the Leadership Gap

Globally, women hold less than a third of the top spots in companies and governments. That's not just unfair—it's a missed opportunity for everyone. What’s in the way? From the get-go, women face old-school attitudes, fewer chances to meet the right people, and not enough examples of women who've made it. These roadblocks don't just stop women from moving up—they hold everyone back.

Case Studies of Successful Young Female Leaders

Here are a few real-life stories of young women who are leading and inspiring in the fields of tech, government, and business:

1. Melanie Perkins - Co-founder and CEO of Canva, Melanie is one of the youngest female CEOs of a tech startup valued at over $1 billion. Her leadership in the tech industry is notable for setting ambitious goals and giving back to the community.

2. Beth Perlman - As a Managing Director and Chief Information Officer Advisor at Think, Beth was recognized as a "Women Leaders in Technology 2023 Honoree" by Consulting Magazine for her excellence in client services, which involves significant roles in technology and business consulting.

3. Mahryan Sampaio Rodrigues - A young leader from Brazil, Mahryan is deeply involved in human rights, focusing on the environment, racial and gender equality. She is actively engaged in several initiatives that aim to improve the living conditions of refugees in Brazil through education, art, and culture projects.

4. Kehkashan Basu - Since winning the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2016, Kehkashan has been an active advocate for climate justice, children’s rights, and gender equality. Her work through the Green Hope Foundation is an example of how young leadership can have a global impact on sustainable development.

5. Vanessa Nakate - A climate activist from Uganda, Vanessa has been a vocal advocate for climate action in Africa. She founded the Rise up Climate Movement to amplify the voices of African activists and has campaigned internationally to highlight the impacts of climate change.

Takeaways: These trailblazers often share a few tricks: solid schooling, great mentors, and a never-give-up attitude. Their journeys show us how to smash those barriers.

These women represent just a small sample of young leaders making significant contributions to their fields and demonstrating the impact of dedicated, innovative leadership on global scales. Their achievements provide tangible examples for others looking to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Opportunities for Empowerment

Programs that teach leadership skills are key. They build a strong base. Also, having a mentor who’s been there can make a huge difference. It’s like having a guide in a tough hike.

Companies and governments need to get with the program. We need rules and setups that help women step up to lead. This isn’t just nice to have—it’s a must-have.

Actionable Steps for Young Women

Focus on developing skills like speaking up, thinking big, and making smart choices. These are your tools to tackle big roles. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to lead, even the small ones. Every big leader started somewhere.

One key to rising in leadership is to build a strong support network. This means surrounding yourself with people who encourage you, offer honest feedback, and celebrate your successes. Whether it's friends who cheer you on, family members who give you pep talks, or mentors who guide you through tough decisions, these relationships are crucial. They help you stay motivated and resilient, especially when you're aiming for higher leadership roles. Think of this network as your personal cheerleading squad in the game of professional growth—always there to lift you up and push you forward.

You can see why it’s critical to fill those leadership gaps and how every one of us can pitch in. Remember, shifting the tide takes time, but every little step counts.

Ready to step up? Check out to tap into resources, join programs, and connect with folks who back your play. Let’s make it happen together!


So, let’s stop just filling seats and start filling them with the best person for the role which in many cases are women who are ready to handle the tasks at hand. Your leadership can drive real change, starting with one bold step at a time.


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