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Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to empower girls who will change the world.

We have created a program that will develop strong and confident young women who will make healthy & educated decisions for their lives. This is accomplished through mentorship, workshops, community service and hands-on lessons. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare & propel young women ages 8-18 to be successful in the areas of service, influence, education & entrepreneurship.

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Our Vision

We dream big at the Young Women's Empowerment Academy.  Our heart is to see young women all over the nation learn to love, support, and encourage each other to maximize their full potential.  We realize that in order for that to happen we need to create space and opportunities for young women to flourish and bloom.  That is why we are intentional about creating spaces that will: 

  • Significantly decrease drug and alcohol use

  • Cultivate and inspire more young ladies to pursue entrepreneurship

  • An increase of women who thrive in the arts

  • Developing the creative and innovative potential of young women

  • Encourage young ladies to pursue careers in medicine and science

  • Achieve academic success

  • Decrease school truancy

  • Increase chances of pursuing higher education and receiving scholarships

  • Promote healthy relationship building 

  • Significantly decrease teen pregnancy

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