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The Young Women's Empowerment Academy is comprised of different programs, opportunities and projects that will allow young girls to obtain knowledge, skills, and a community that will enable them to become world changers.

 At a minimum each girl MUST be enrolled in our YWEA Sessions.  These are 2, 12 week semesters that commence each spring and fall on a rotating basis.  The curriculum is custom made by our team of vested experts, and is used throughout the nation.

YWEA Session
Starts: Each March and September
Length: 12 weeks

12 weeks of power packed lessons that allows each young woman the opportunity to dive into lessons on entrepreneurship, influence, self love, community, building wealth, S.T.E.A.M, government, and a plethora of other fun and creative lessons.

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Calling all Girl Bosses!  For girls who are interested in starting a business or exploring the idea, this 6 week virtual camp is for you! For more information make sure you are subscribed to our emails.


Mentorship can really shorten a learning curve and provide much needed guidance.  We work diligently with students, parents, and guardians to match our Empowered Girls with a mentor that can help propel them to the next level.  To get more information or to start the match process email us at

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