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Learning at Home Effectively

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Let's admit it... learning from home can be stressful for those who thrive in classrooms and are used to face to face interaction. Here are some ways to make it virtually.

My name is Ms. Kelly. I went to school in person for most of my educational career... until that one semester in college, where everything was online-- and I struggled. It was a drastic change for me. I didn't feel stimulated by the presence of my friends or the instructor, I had a difficult time understanding what was going on, I didn't understand how to navigate all the different programs, and I was lonely.

"The beautiful thing that I learned about myself is that one of the powerful things we have as humans is the ability to adapt and be flexible. So while I had preferred to learn one way, I had the ABILITY to pivot and learn many ways. You can do it too."

I started to fail. No. I DID FAIL most classes that semester. I was placed on academic probation, and I decided that school must not be for me. I mean, if it was, wouldn't I be able to learn online and succeed? I convinced myself that I didn't have what it took. That was until I had a conversation with my friend, Nicole Rule. She said "Kelly, if you want to finish school, you'll do it... you CAN do... but do you want to." I wanted to do well, I wanted to finish, but I was so consumed with thoughts that I couldn't because it was DIFFERENT than what I was used to, that I manifested that. I decided THAT DAY to change my mindset.

When one of my mentees moved in with me for a few months she was behind in school. Because of the pandemic she was in 100% virtual classes, and despite that fact that she was BRILLIANT, she was failing. We made a plan, we stuck to it and like me, she started to excel. I want to share some of those tips with you.


  1. HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Sometimes we are defeated before we even begin because our "thinkin' is stinkin". Telling yourself that you are going to not only to well, but that you are going to do YOUR best will help you win. YOUR best has NO LIMITS. Your ability to thrive in the most unusual situations is now on display. You have skills that you didn't get to use before, but now is your chance to put them to use. WRITE down something that you will say each day that will speak to your ability, your goals and that will keep you in a good headspace. STAY POSITIVE.

  2. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED: This is a two part note right here. Preparing for virtual learning is different for everyone. Some families may have WIFI, others may not. Find out if your city is offering free WIFI to families with students in school. Some internet providers have a special program for those who need WIFI. There is also a government program that provides free tablets, and sim cards to qualifying families who need access to the internet. There is nothing more discouraging that finding out you don't have what you need to be successful. Contact all teachers, find out what they require for you to have in class to be successful. Write a checklist of everything each teacher said and check items off that you have. Reach out to your school, community centers, churches, and not-profit organizations to help you get what you need to have a productive school year.

  1. CREATE A "CLASSROOM": Set up one part of your room that is going to be for school. This should be a place where you can keep all your things together. This will help your mind and body get into "school mode" when you sit there. Having a designated space that you only do school or study in will help promote productivity. Make sure you have good light and that it is comfortable.

  2. TALK TO TEACHERS & OTHER STUDENTS- Talking to teachers and letting them know how you are doing is a great way to stay engaged. Talking to fellow classmates is a great way to stay encouraged and it will give you a sense of connectedness. Being away from school can make you feel withdrawn... DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!

BONUS: GET ACTIVE- Exercise between classes. Don't lay down with your camera off... it's a trick! You aren't as sharp. I'd even recommend getting up, showering, and getting dressed for the day. It will help stimulate your brain and body to be more engaged in the lesson, yielding amazing results... A's!



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